We Go Together Like Avocado & Toast...

Dear Player, OMEGA GAMING is a South Asian Gaming Community. Mostly we are playing online multiplayer games like Call of Duty, COD Mobile, Mobile Legends, Apex Legends and etc. So we hope you stay happy with us forever. OMEGA GAMING is always open for everyone in this world. So respect everyone and stay togther! Thank you very much!


+94 76 0886162






Sri Lanka, India, bangladesh, Malaysia, Australia, China, etc.

ADMIN LIST   -   OMEGA eSport Promod SND

ADMIN LIST   -   Iron_Thrones (COD Mobile)

Hooded Man   -   Clan Master

MaxAra   -   Vice Master

Gimbel   -   Vice Master

ADMIN LIST   -   OMG! Vegoz (Mobile Legends)

ToinX   -   Clan Master

Ti_Queen   -   Vice Master

Mr Awesome!   -   Vice Master

ADMIN LIST   -   DaMnAJAX (Mobile Legends)

ToinX   -   Admin

Ti_Queen   -   Admin

If you get abuse by any admins don't hesitate to contact [ Super Admin | +94 760886162 ] and Respect admins!